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Pop'n'Olly is an LGBT+ and Equality educational resource used by children, parents and teachers. It is a resource that aims to combat ideas of prejudice or homophobia before they even have a chance to develop.


Through our own adapted fairy tales and stories, we refect different types of people – largely those who are LGBT+ – so that children who experience our stories can learn about the diversity that makes up our world.


We want to 'usualise' characters who may be Gay, Lesbian, Bi or Trans in an effort to encourage a more accepting and understanding society for future generations.


The Pop'n'Olly YouTube channel regularly produces animations and episodes that are already being used in UK schools and homes as well as internationally. Our books are read in primary and junior classrooms, and used alongside lesson plans and workshops.









Additionally we are here to represent those children who, for whatever reason, do feel different. We want to let them know that it is more than OK to be who you are.


Our scripts go through a thorough editing process to ensure that the tone is completely appropriate for the intended audience and that the final cut delivers a message that is informative, entertaining and non-judgemental.


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"The best way to battle discrimination for future generations is to start with children, we should educate them about a wider cross-section of society and teach acceptance with regards to love, kindness and respect."

"It is vital we provide learning tools such as this for future generations, content which enables conversation, discussion and ultimately combats discrimination."

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Olly Pike is the creator of ‘Pop’n’Olly’ and an advocate for LGBT+ and equality education, Olly regularly produces fun, informative videos and cartoons that are free to watch on the youtube channel ‘Pop’n’Olly’ or at


Having been noted as one to watch on the Independent on Sunday’s “Rainbow List”, Olly has since spoken at London City Hall and Parliament, regarding Children’s Rights and Mental Health in relation to LGBT+ Education.